SearchTec for Lenders

It is no coincidence that SearchTec’s primary suite of services is designed around the needs of lending institutions. The lending community has been our focus since we opened our doors in 1990, and since that time we’ve only become more passionate about our dedication to our core client-base. Simply put, we have designed our operations to allow us to serve as a one-stop solution for community banks, credit unions and regional lenders. Finally, our sales and customer service teams put our 30+ years of experience to further work by delivering our clients nuanced and knowledgeable service.

If you’re ready to optimize your lending operations, we’re ready to be at your service.

The SearchTec Advantage

Since 1990, we have developed a peerless group of in-house searchers serving our most in-demand coverage areas. Moreover, in that same time we have cultivated an unparalleled network of searchers nationwide, so that no matter where your needs are, we’re prepared to deliver unbeatable value and expertise.

Public Records Searches

SearchTec provides non-insured public record information located in county and state jurisdictions. We routinely work with clients to establish customized search packages based around their specific loan due diligence needs, whether they be for commercial or consumer lending, based on the following current owner information search options:

  • Deed Info
  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Judgments
  • Federal Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Delinquent Real Estate Taxes
  • Full Tax Certification
  • Lis Pendens
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Suits
  • Addresses of Lien Holders
  • Chain of Title
  • UCC County Listings
  • UCC State Listings
  • Corporate Tax Liens
  • Parcel Number
  • Census Tract
  • Legal Description
  • Full Deed Copy
  • Mortgage Copy
  • Assignment Copy
  • Copy of Docket
  • County Services
  • Flood Certificate
  • Flood Life of Loan Coverage

E-Recording & Filing Services

SearchTec provides recording services for a wide range of documents, including property deeds, mortgages, satisfactions and UCC filings. Our recording operations deliver integrated and innovative electronic filing tools to achieve optimized efficiencies.

Filing Services for:

  • UCC1
  • UCC3
  • UCC11
  • County Filings

Recording Services for:

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Releases

APIs and Integrations

SearchTec is both integrated with several LOS and banking platforms, and has its own API for direct/custom connections.

SearchTec has also pioneered a new fast-integration design with its SearchTec For Salesforce and VendorLink connector apps. Please see below for more information.


To learn more about SearchTec for Salesforce, see here.

To learn more about VendorLink, see here.

Appraisal Management Company Services

SearchTec works with lenders and a panel of state certified appraisers to facilitate the ordering, tracking, and delivery of appraisal reports.*

Our appraisal management services include:

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Provides real estate property valuations using mathematical modelling combined with a database. Most AVMs calculate a property’s value at a specific point in time by analyzing values of comparable properties. We currently provide the Freddie Mac HVE and Corelogic PASS.

URAR 1004

The URAR (Uniform Residential Appraisal Report) is the most comprehensive reporting format. This report contains a detailed inspection of the subject, analysis of the market, and three comparable sales. Included in the package are photos of the front, rear, and street view of the subject, location map showing subject and comparable sales, floor plan, and certification and limiting conditions.

FNMA 2055 Exterior

This exterior report provides neighborhood data, comparable closed sales, an adjustment grid, two exterior photos and a location map.

Additional Products: Other reports are available upon request. 

*SearchTec is a licensed Appraisal Management Company in Pennsylvania (License # AMC000138).

Flood Determinations & Monitoring

SearchTec utilizes its public records expertise to provide two highly-aligned essential services to lenders: flood determinations and flood monitoring. We provide determinations and monitoring that are based on sources with current FEMA information: community names, panel suffixes, flood zones, and map revision dates.

Flood Determinations

SearchTec flood certificates can be sent electronically right to your computer, instantly, so you can have a copy in your hands immediately upon your request, as long as the property can be correctly identified.

Flood Monitoring

When you order life of loan monitoring, SearchTec will monitor the relevant property, and when FEMA issues a revision, SearchTec will provide a new flood certificate for any of these properties at the Lender’s request. If the loan has been assigned to another party, we will send the new form directly to the new lender.

Title Insurance

In tandem with our underwriters, First American Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Company, SearchTec’s Title Insurance division provides industry-leading title insurance services to a coverage region that extends throughout the Philadelphia area and into Southern New Jersey and Central Pennsylvania.

In addition, SearchTec provides a variety of real estate settlement services to help our clients prepare for settlement. Our skilled and licensed real estate settlement staff gather all necessary documents, coordinate the closing and issue a title insurance policy.

*SearchTec  Abstract Inc. is licensed in Pennsylvania & New Jersey only.

Witness Closings

SearchTec provides witness closing services to support its lending institution clients as they grow to new regions and new scales. Utilizing a comprehensive network of notaries, which are supported by our closing documentation expertise, our witness closing service allows lending institutions to extend their remote operations through to the closing process. Simply provide the scheduling details in our order system, and we will facilitate the closing process with notary services, a closing documentation index, and document recording.